Nithyananda Times
November 2, 2021

Nithyananda Times, the official magazine of KAILASA has a distinguished presence in the media world. Nithyananda Times aims to foster Hindu solidarity as an expression of unity in diversity among all faiths and lineages. The topics Nithyananda Times covers range from Hindu economics and social issues to the environment, nature, Vedic culture, Meditation Techniques, Ayurveda, Enlightened lifestyle to esoteric dimensions and scientific research substantiating and proving Hindu philosophies and discoveries as stated in the Vedagamas to enrich, entertain, entrain and enlighten the citizens of KAILASA and the Hindu diaspora.

KDIB through Nithyananda Times ensures to safeguard, preserve, and promote the Vedas and the Hindu faith through fact-based, evidence-backed stories and news coverage with a strong people-focused interest component. Nithyananda Times has become a must-readcommercialization on truthful reporting and analysis on Hinduism and its progressive orientation.


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