Department of Information Broadcasting

KAILASA’s Department of Information Broadcasting defends the citizens of KAILASA against false news and cyber propaganda and works toward building more secure and resilient infrastructure to effectively disseminate information on government policies, programs, and achievements for the future.

In order to communicate with the citizens of KAILASA and the public, the administration of KAILASA works closely with KAILASA’s Department of Information Broadcasting through its official communication channels. KAILASA’s Department of Information Broadcasting contributes to the realization of KAILASA’s social, cultural, and economic objectives and enhances the creation of, and availability of, authentic Hindu content on multiple platforms.



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Executive Department

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What we do

Our Vision

KDIB envisages to make available the science of Enlightenment with all sentient beings through all possible means of communication

Our Mission

Creating an enabling environment for sustained growth of media and productivity, supporting innovation, science, and commercialisation.

Our Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of KDIB:

  • To digitize, preserve, and enhance public access to the archival wealth of Hindu-based documentaries, theoretical pieces, video and audio resources
  • To streamline government operations and processes, as well as provide online and offline information and broadcasting services for citizens of KAILASA to provide access to authentic, unbiased information on Hinduism and its elements
  • To provide better information services through disaggregating, reusing, optimizing, sharing, and modernizing technology
  • To improve the technology landscape in order to achieve a more productive, versatile department that can deliver broadcasting services much more efficiently, cost-effectively, and in a high-quality way across all service channels, face-to-face and online.
  • To refine, improve and update through the active feedback of technology leaders inside and outside of government.
  • To present and interpret policies and activities of the Government of KAILASA government through print, electronic, and digital channels
  • To administer development, installation, and maintenance of the official communications channels of KAILASA including Nithyananda TV, Kailasa TV, and Hinduism Now.
  • To ensure transparency in its decision-making on matters pertaining to its core mandate and eliminate delays in implementation.
  • To use appropriate multimedia campaigns to effectively communicate and publicize the programs organized by KAILASA directly to the beneficiaries.
  • To Strengthen and expand infrastructural support in order to create opportunities for young talent to develop its potential in the fields of broadcasting

      Our Service Pledge

      Ensure that KAILASA’s policies, programs, and achievements are communicated effectively and with INTEGRITY to the citizens of KAILASA, and protect and safeguard the freedom of the press and ensure that only accurate, unbiased information is disseminated.

      Ensure that news stories related to Hinduism are AUTHENTIC, relevant, accurate, and independent of opinion.

      Shall be held RESPONSIBLE to provide a good understanding of the subject reported, facts should be presented without bias and neutrality

      Shall enrich the Citizens of KAILASA and the Hindu diaspora with authentic information on all facets of Hindu and expand access to diverse points of view to engage the public

      Key Departmental Initiatives

      Nithyananda Times

      Nithyananda Times, the official magazine of KAILASA has a distinguished presence in the media world. Nithyananda Times aims to foster Hindu solidarity as an expression of unity in diversity among all faiths and lineages.

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      KAILASA’s Nithyananda TV

      KAILASA’s Nithyananda TV gives front-row access to Live Satsangs, discourses, latest news, events, and teachings from SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam

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      KAILASA TV is the official voice of the Kailaasa nation – the only Hindu nation in the world. It is the voice of 2 billion living Hindus, broadcasting news, current affairs and knowledge, via digital platforms in multiple languages.

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      KAILASA’s Hinduism Now TV

      KAILASA’s Hinduism Now TV aims to educate and inspire Hindus worldwide and interested individuals about the Hindu religion by dispelling myths, illusions, and misinformation regarding Hinduism. KAILASA’s Hinduism Now TV fosters and monitors the ongoing spiritual Hindu renewal in the world and provides the latest updates on Hinduism to the citizens of KAILASA VISIT WEBSITE

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      KAILASA’s Hinduism Now

      Hinduism Now is the official voice of Hinduism – of 2 billion living Hindus, broadcasting news, current affairs, and knowledge via digital platforms in multiple languages to reach out to the vast Hindu diaspora.

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      Nlighten App

      Nlighten app is the all-knowingness of the superconsciousness of Paramashiva decoded through artificial intelligence assisting all the knowledge repository of the revealed scriptures Vedas and Agamas.

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